EPICIN®-HOD Hatchery Organics Digester


Hatchery Organics Digester

EPICIN-HOD Hatchery Organics Digester is a natural microbial ecosystem for detoxifying the tank environment in aquaculture hatcheries by mineralizing and bio remediating solid organic waste and detritus which usually settles on the tank bottom. The biologic catalysts of EPICIN-HOD Hatchery Organics Digester immediately start the process of digesting accumulated organic matter; these microorganisms have been specially selected due their ability to produce a wide variety of powerful enzymes to decompose the different organic wastes produced in the larviculture tanks. It also improves animal health and disease resistance by creating a probiotic environment; EPICIN-HOD Hatchery Organics Digester is fortified with unique accelerators to increase the microbial action.




·         Establishes beneficial natural culture bacteria in the tank inhibiting the growth of harmful pathogen bacteria such as Vibrio spp. species.

·         Effectively reduces the dangerous levels of ammonia, nitrite, and other water pollutants of hatcheries.

·         Increase animal survival and yields.

·         Significantly reduces cleaning problems in the bottom of the tanks and organic matter accumulation 

·         Allows increasing stocking density which improves efficiency in production.

·         Reduces the need for water exchange providing a more bio-secure environment.

·         Does not require activation therefore reduces possible mistakes on the product application.

·         It is easily dispersed in water as it does not contain any gritty residue, therefore not needing filtration.

·         It works in Fresh and Saltwater


Total minimum Aerobic Count: 1.0 x 1012  cfu/kg.


The following treatment rates are suggested as starting points and should be adjusted to optimize its effectiveness for local conditions:

StageApplication RatePer day
M11 ppm
M22 ppm
M33 ppm
PL1 – Harvest4 ppm


  • For a heavy Vibrio infestation, add 8 ppm of EPICIN-HOD per day until the infestation is eliminated


  • Recommended storage temperature: 15° to 30°

  • Do not store continuously at temperatures above 40o Do not freeze.

  • Do not mix with other probiotic brands. Only use with other Epicore probiotics.


SHELF LIFE:  3 years if stored as recommended.

PACKAGING: Plastic pail containing 7 resealable bags of 1 kg each.