EPICIN® G2 Biological Aquaculture Treatment Applied via Feed at Feed Mill


Biological Aquaculture Treatment Applied via Feed at Feed Mill

EPICIN-G2 is a natural microbial ecosystem with added stabilizers and growth stimulants.  It eliminates water-fouling waste products such as ammonia, nitrites and hydrogen sulfide, thereby lowering stress and providing a healthier environment for aquatic animal growth. It also improves animal health and disease resistance by creating a probiotic environment.  When applied to feed at the feed mill, EPICIN-G2 is especially effective in reducing secondary pathogen mortality in viral weakened shrimp.



  • Effectively reduces dangerous levels of ammonia, nitrite and sulfide pollutants from pond water.
  • Establishes a strong natural bacteria culture in the water that suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria such as Vibrio sp.
  • Increases animal survival and yields and allows higher stocking densities.
  • Promotes animal weight gain and reduces feed conversion ratios.
  • Reduces need for water exchanges providing a more bio-secure environment.
  • Leaves behind cleaner water reducing pollution from discharge water.
  • Feed application concentrates EPICIN in and near the shrimp for a more effective and cost efficient application.


Treatment of aquaculture ponds with specially formulated products based on carefully selected, natural bacteria provides a natural way to eliminate pollution and to create a beneficial microbial environment that inhibits the development of harmful organisms. Bacteria have a powerful capacity to utilize pollutants such as ammonia, nitrates and nitrites in their normal metabolism of organic carbon.  Additionally, a thriving culture of the right natural bacteria provide a “probiotic” environment which suppresses the growth of harmful organisms.  Through these two mechanisms, a healthier aquatic creature is raised that has greater vitality and immunity to disease. 

PRODUCT STORAGE:  Keep dry; do not store continuously at temperatures above 45oC; store out of direct sunlight in a well ventilated area; do not pre-mix with other products not recommended by Epicore especially biocides and harsh chemicals.

SHELF LIFE:  Shelf life is two years if stored as recommended.

PACKAGING: Supplied in 40-kg fiber drums with polyethylene liners, in 10-kg (5 U.S. gallons) open head polyethylene pails and in 0.75-kg resealable plastic bags.