Probiotics for Poultry, Pigs and Agriculture


Modern farming practices call for new solutions   to a wide range of problems and Epicore’s biotech innovations provide useful   tools to address these problems. Microbial products work to digest components of   animal waste to liquefy and reduce odor and hazardous ammonia. Additionally,   Epicore offers a foliar plant treatment in a bio-catalytic formulation that   stimulates healthy plant growth.

Probiotics for poultry and pigs, Liquifiers and Deoderizers of animal waste

EPIZYM®-AW and EPIZYM-PIGS are animal manure bacterial inoculants that provide   balanced microbial and enzyme ecosystems designed to liquefy and deodorize   animal waste.

EPICIN-G2 Poultry and Epizym MGM2 Poultry Formulas consisting of live microorganisms, free enzymes, trace minerals and aids in an edible carrier, applied to the chicken’s drinking water to improve the rate of survival and FCR  through improved animal health and better assimilation of feed, for birds at all stages of development. It allows reduction of up to 70% of antibiotics.

PHYTOZYM 2-2-2 Liquid Foliar Spray and   Seed Treatment is a stabilized biochemical concentrate that enhances   the penetration of nutrients and other growth stimulating factors through the   barrier layer of foliar, stem and seed parts of plants.

EPITHATCH Biological Thatch Digester is a dry biological formulation that biologically decomposes dead grass   rapidly and efficiently without harming living grass.

EPITHERM Microbial Ecosystem for composting organic waste, is a dry formulation, dispersible in liquids, and   creates a unique microbial ecosystem designed to accelerate composting   processes.