Decapsulation Procedure for GSL Brine Shrimp Eggs (GSL Artemia Cysts)

Materials Needed:

100 gr Artemia Cysts (GSL origin)

15 gr NaOH or 33 ml of 40% Naoh solution

320 ml of liquid household bleach (5.25%)

1050 ml of seawater

100 ppm solution of Na2S203 (Sodium Thiosulfate)




  1. hydrate cysts for 1-2 hours in FW at 26-28 C
  2. chill seawater to 10 C
  3. after hydration, rinse cysts thoroughly
  4. prepare decapping solution by adding 15 gr of Naoh and 320 ml of liquid bleach to the chilled seawater
  5. add the hydrated Artemia cysts and begin stirring this mixture
  6. An exothermic oxidation reaction starts to occur and a color change will be noticed from a greyish color to an orange color.  Maintain this solution between 15 — 20 C, adding ice as needed.
  7. once color has completely changed to orange, pour this mixture through a 100-120 micron net and thoroughly rinse until no odor is detected.
  8. the cysts may then be dipped in a 0.1% (100ppm) solution of sodium thiosulfate followed by another rinse of either fresh or salt water.
  9. place cysts in hatching container for hatching at a density of 1-2 gr/lt.