Epifeed® – MBF


Epifeed® – MBF Shrimp Broodstock Maturation Feed

The success of modern aquaculture is given largely by the development of effective techniques for growing animals. To obtain sufficient quantities of healthy adults suitable for breeding, a high quality diet is necessary. Maturation systems frequently normal diets used for farm not a good alternative because the players accept it in very low percentages. The power of the players is based on a variety of fresh natural diets, including squid, oysters, seafood in general. Being carnivores, shrimp prefer these natural foods. The problem is the high variability in the quality, availability and price thereof. These foods are not as reliable and safe source for food such as processed diets.

Match a natural food with a formulated diet is not a simple objective. Epicore offers a specially formulated diet of high palatability for adult animals and provides excellent nutrition to keep prolific breeders. This diet is available as EPIFEED-MBF.

Benefits for Maturation Systems

1.Contains sources of high quality marine proteins, lipids and glandular extracts to promote maximum growth.
2.Formulated to meet all nutritional requirements of shrimp adults and thus eliminates the need for natural fresh foods including polychaetes.
3.Contains a unique complex of vitamins and minerals that help to accelerate growth.
4.Is processed at low temperature to ensure that the selected ingredients are not degraded or distorted during processing.
5.Processed as a soft pellet to increase its palatability and nutritional value remain intact.
6.Includes concentrated special attractants to increase its attractiveness.
7.Has excellent storage stability.
8.Is manufactured under strict quality standards to ensure consistency.
9.Offers an excellent cost benefit ratio compared to fresh natural diets.
10.Its stability in water is sufficient for the animal to eat and maintain the quality of water in the tank in good condition.
11.Eliminates the need to have or build large refrigerators for the storage of fresh diets with a consequent saving.
12.Helps to maintain a stable diet throughout the year, eliminating the fluctuations in production caused by the variability in the quality and availability of fresh diets.
13.Significantly reduces water exchange in the system.
14.Safer to use because it eliminates the possibility of entry of pathogens into the system via food
15. Increases the number of copulations per day in the tanks.
16.Is a huge step in the trend of moving towards biosecurity in all areas of production.