EPICORE Hatchery products

productos-1Epicore’s line of aquaculture products improve growing water conditions, increase disease resistance and enhance animal nutrition.


EPICIN® brand represents a family of biological aquaculture systems that create a cleaner and healthier growing environment in aquaculture hatcheries and grow-out ponds. EPICIN biologically eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrates and improves animal health and disease resistance by creating a probiotic environment.

EPICIN-G2  is a new generation bacteriological ecosystem that responds to several aquaculture operational issues. Its powdered formulation does not need filtration to remove carrier in hatchery operations. EPICIN-G2 is formulated to offer a better probiotic effect against pathogenic bacteria than EPICIN-Hatcheries and EPICIN-Ponds.


EPIFEED®-Liquid Hatchery Feeds (EPIFEED®-LHF) are major advancements in larval feed technology. Their unique emulsion form provides neutrally buoyant particles that remain suspended in the water column so are more available to aquatic species.


EPIBAL® Granular Hatchery Feeds are high quality feeds designed for post larval shrimp. The range includes all sizes necessary for larval rearing. EPIBAL supplements the EPILITE® and the EPIFEED-LHF liquid feed line.


EPILITE Z, M, PL represent a unique range of liquid larval feeds that provide excellent hatchery nutrition and offer economies in use compared to our premier EPIFEED-LHF line.iso9001


EPIZYM®-AGP-M (AGP) is an equilibrated cellular stimulant for producing high levels of nutritious marine algae and phytoplankton used for feeding shrimp and other marine animals. EPIZYM-AGP is used as a supplement to macro-nutrients.


EPIZYM®-Algae Growth Media Complete (EPIZYM-AGP COMPLETE) is an easy to use, one-pack liquid that contains all the macro and micro nutrients needed to grow marine algae. It also contains specially selected biological growth stimulants.


EPIFEED-Marine Broodstock Feed (EPIFEED-MBF) is a unique maturation diet that offers advantages of improved biosecurity and higher reproductive performance compared to fresh diets.


EPIFEED ENRICH is a water dilutable source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids intended for use as a supplement to live and prepared aquaculture feeds.



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