EPICORE Shrimp and Fish Growout products

EPICIN®-Ponds is specifically designed   for aquaculture grow-out ponds.

EPIZYM®-BGM Biological Growth Media is a specially formulated growth media developed to maximize cell culture reproduction in pond-side grow-ups of EPICIN.

EPICIN-3W is formulated to give the   maximum increase in EPICIN cells in a 24 hour grow-up. Unlike   BGM, this product contains not only grow-up media but also the required amount   of EPICIN. Pond-side grow-up of EPICIN-3W saves farmers money.

EPIZYM-Vitamin Mineral Concentrate (EPIZYM-VMC) is a powdered supplement for grow-out   feeds.ALL BRANDS-1-LR

EPIZYM-VMCE   Liquid is an emulsified vitamin mineral concentrate that is easy to   post-apply to grow-out feeds.

EPICIN-PST is a microbial ecosystem specially formulated to efficiently digest   organic waste that accumulates in pond areas. It offers a cost efficient and   effective way to recover pond soil.

EPIZYM-APP is a pond soil and water probiotic for aquaculture ponds.