Aero-Tube™ aeration products

Aero-Tube™ Products

There are many options for using Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing technology.  From tubing alone to complete system design, Colorite offers a solution for any aeration challenge.

Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing technology is available in four different presentations:
Aero-Tube™ aeration hose  – Our aeration hose can be purchased in rolls of 200 feet.  Technical specifications for the hose can be found here.
12”  Aero-Tube™ diffuser bars – These tubing sections are weighted with couplings and are used to replace traditional ceramic air stones.  They are more efficient, more durable and easier to clean than air stones.
Aero-Tube™ diffuser grids – Our diffuser grids are engineered to optimally use Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing.  They provide a quick and easy solution for implementing our technology in your system.  Simply connect the grids to an air supply and you will immediately enjoy the high efficiency and low costs associated with Aero-Tube™ technology.
Technical Information
1″ (O.D.) Aeration Tubing
Outside Diameter 1.00 inch (2.54 cm)
Inside Diameter .500 inch (1.27 cm)
Wall Thickness .250 inch (0.635 cm)
Weight .220 lbs per foot (0.327 kg per meter)
Roll Length 200 ft. (60.98 meters)
Roll Weight 44 lbs. (19.9 kg)
Burst Pressure 80 PSI (5.5 bar)