Bioremediation of oil spills and industrial / municipal wastewater

EPIZYM-HC Microbial Ecosystem for Hydrocarbon Digestion uses microbial degradation to breakdown contaminating hydrocarbons and convert them into carbon dioxide and microbial cells.green2

The system of products used in conjunction with EPIZYM-HC is designed to emulsify, disperse and solubilize crude oil or refined petroleum products, converting these materials into non-polluting end products. System components include:

Salt tolerant EPIZYM EMULSIFIER, which efficiently disperses hydrocarbons in fresh or sea water and wets oil contaminated soil to facilitate microbial contact

Nutrients in EPIZYM NUTRIPAK are necessary for microbial growth

EPIZYM-100 Microbial Ecosystem contains specialized natural microorganisms selected for maximum efficiency in the biodegradation of iso9001industrial and municipal wastewater. The formulation promotes the biodegradation of various toxicants, increases digestion rates and improves terminal flocculation in wastewater treatment systems.

EPIZYM-200 Microbial Inoculant is a multi-component formulation which promotes the biodegradation of crude oil and petroleum products in contaminated soil and fresh or salt water.