Aqua Market News

Reference Fishmeal prices [Origin: Peru / pellets 65% protein, CIF, U.S. $ per MT]

Fishmeal - Monthly Price - Commodity Prices

Reference Marine Shrimp prices [Source: India, frozen, shell-on tails, blocks 16/20, CIF Japan, U.S. $ per pound]

Shrimp - Monthly Price - Commodity Prices

Reference prices of farmed salmon [Source: Norway, grown, export price, U.S. $ per kilogram]

Fish (salmon) - Monthly Price - Commodity Prices

Commodity Fuel (energy) Index, 2005 = 100,
includes Crude oil (petroleum), Natural Gas, and Coal Price Indices

Commodity Fuel (energy) Index - Monthly Price

Monthly index of prices of agricultural raw materials

Indice mensual de materias primas agricolas