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MEGASUPPLY was established in 1995 and is engaged exclusively in providing feeds, probiotics, supplies, chemicals, ingredients, additives, equipment, and consultancy services to the domestic and international aquaculture market.

Our value added services, of great significance to our customers, partners and suppliers, are supported on our technical human resources which have formal university education in aquaculture related fields and in-depth experience in the aquaculture production (shrimp) since 1982. Their technical know-how enables them to understand and provide solutions to any difficulty or need of our clients. It also allows our company to select the most advanced and high quality products.

Since our business area is especially sensible to technology advances and safety and environmental issues, we keep our personnel constantly updated and we represent and supply only high-quality feed products and equipment of advanced technology.

We have offices and provide assistance in the United States (Miami), Central America (Honduras), South America (Venezuela), and Asia (China). We also supply customers in other parts of the world.

Our values are based on our strategic alliance with our customers and suppliers oriented by trust, excellence and mutual benefit criteria.


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